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While we focus on helping you maintain your teeth for a lifetime, sometimes certain teeth need to be removed.  Wisdom teeth, extra teeth, or very crowded teeth present situations that may mean treatment involving removal.  In some cases, severely decayed or cracked teeth, or those missing large amounts of supporting bone leave extraction as the only viable option.

We always consider your comfort regardless of the type of care you’re receiving.  We’ll discuss your unique situation specifically to determine the best way to help you receive the treatment you need.  Few patients look forward to any minor surgical procedure, but today’s methods provide the safest, least invasive care possible.


Despite the best intentions, teeth sometimes need to be removed.  Regardless of the situation, this minor surgical procedure can be brought together in a way that considers your short and long-term concerns.  From anxiety control to planning for tooth replacement, we’ll factor in every aspect of your case.

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When a toothache strikes, a visit to the dentist can't come fast enough. Root canal treatment provides an option to eliminate pain and infection and save a seemingly hopeless tooth. Despite what you may hear, today's root canals can be done comfortably in a single visit using advanced techniques.

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Minor surgical procedures sometimes help treat problems in your mouth.  Defects in the bone or compromised supporting gum tissue may sometimes undergo repair with precise surgical techniques.  And quick biopsy techniques can help us learn what’s behind changes in the lining of your mouth.

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The bone around your teeth is highly specialized and doesn’t regenerate when it’s lost.  Your teeth rely on this bony foundation to remain strong and functional, and even small defects can compromise your ability to maintain a tooth.  Sometimes we can repair these defects by adding bone grafting materials.

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